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How To Choose Your Newborn Photographer | Bracknell | Wokingham | Starspeckled Hearts Photography

beautiful little baby girl lying in a basket surrounded by pink roses and flowers


Having a baby is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and special times in your life. What better reason to book a photography session to mark this special occasion? Below are a few tips for expectant parents on how to choose the perfect Newborn Photographer for you; SAFETY FIRST When choosing a Newborn photographer it can sometimes be a little daunting to know what to look for first. How do you make the best choice when there are so many options? As with everything else you may have already purchased for your little one - a car seat, pram and cot, what was the highest priority that factored into your decision of what to buy? Safety! And of course, the same priority should be extended to choosing your Newborn photographer. Have they attended courses on how to handle newborns? How much experience have they got behind them? As a mum of two, I know exactly how you only want the best for your baby. By choosing Starspeckled Hearts Photography you can rest assured that we have gone through extensive training on how to safely pose and handle your precious newborns. By having photographed over 100 newborns, we have plenty of hands-on experience and brilliant client reviews to back it up.

DO YOU LOVE THEIR WORK? This is probably one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing the perfect Newborn photographer for you. Have a look through their portfolio and decide whether their work resonates with you. There are three main styles of Newborn photography - lifestyle, documentary and posed. As a photographer, I see the appeal of all 3 styles. However, my style leans more towards posed newborn photography as that is what I personally prefer and I simply adore getting creative and putting together a beautiful set-up based on my clients requests. Each and every session becomes different and unique and to me, that is one of the things I genuinely love about my job. So if you are looking for a posed newborn session, I may just be the right photographer for you! If you would like to have a look through my portfolio, please click here to see some of my more recent work with newborns.

beautiful baby girl in pink lying in a wicker nest on a floral backdrop

CONSIDER THE PRICE IN CONTEXT My tip to you would be to choose the best photographer you can afford. As a parent myself, I am fully aware of the financial struggles many couples go through when deciding to have a baby. You or your partner will be on leave for at least a few months and you'll be on reduced wages - so of course the cost is going to be one of the deciding factors. But even though it may be tempting, don't let your final decision be based on price. Parents are often surprised to find such a huge variety in prices for Newborn photoshoots, for what seems like essentially the same service. The bottom line is, if you're paying an unbelievably low price, your photographer may not be planning to spend much time communicating before the session or editing your photos afterwards. And this is not a time to be cutting corners. Your baby will only be this little once. You don't want to look back in a few years time and regret not having invested in a slightly higher priced photographer. It's important to keep in mind that professional photographers put much more into a session than the 2-3 hours spent in the studio on the day of your Newborn Session. When choosing a photographer, always remember that you get what you pay for.

So that sums up my 3 tips for choosing a Newborn photographer! If you would like to know more about us and the work we do, please have a look through our website and of course, our newborn gallery and if you have any questions at all or would like to book in with us, please do get in touch. We'd love to chat with you!


Are you looking to book a newborn session?

Newborn sessions are best booked for when baby is between 1 to 2 weeks old. This is because they are still all curled up, like how they were in the womb and are still very sleepy. That being said, I am more than happy to book in babies for newborn sessions up to 8 weeks of age.

As a mum myself, I can completely appreciate how it might be difficult to get the time to fit in a newborn photoshoot in those first few weeks, on top of everything else you've got going on! I wouldn't discourage you from considering a newborn session if you've missed that golden window to book. "Older" newborns can sometimes be just as easy to pose as a baby that's only a couple of days old - regardless of your newborns age, we can capture some beautiful images for you and your family to cherish for years to come.

If you're interested in booking your newborn session with me, I suggest getting in touch no later than after your 20 week scan. If your baby is already here, you're more than welcome to get in touch - I always leave a few spaces free every month for last minute bookings. If you have any other questions in regards to my newborn sessions, please click here to submit a message via my contact page or send me an email at and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

About Starspeckled Hearts Photography

I am a specialist newborn, baby and toddler photographer based in Aldershot, Hampshire - servicing the greater Surrey and Hampshire area, including Farnborough, Farnham, Fleet, Camberley, Reading, Woking, Basingstoke and Bracknell.

I offer newborn photoshoots, milestone photoshoots, toddler portrait photoshoots, cake smash & splash photoshoots, maternity photoshoots along with seasonal mini shoots in my fully air-conditioned boutique photography studio in Aldershot, Hampshire. I've got a wide variety of unique props and beautiful, handmade outfits, of which you will have full access to during your session - each and every photoshoot is bespoke and tailored to your specific requirements.

If you would like to book a photoshoot with Starspeckled Hearts Photography, please get in touch via one of the links below. I would love to hear from you!

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